La Soga 2 is the long awaited sequel that continues where the first part left off.

Luisito Valerio, aka “La Soga”, has settled into the small town of Pawtucket, Rhode Island with his girlfriend Lia. He’s working and learning English with the hopes of living a normal life as he leaves behind his violent past as a government-sponsored hitman. Life could not be sweeter.

After his girlfriend goes missing, Luisito soon discovers that his newfound happiness is only temporary, as his past comes back to haunt him. He then ventures down a road that puts him at war with a long list of enemies, including vicious hitmen, a corrupt federal agent, and a vengeful and cunning femme-fatale Colombian Assassin.



  • Manny Pérez

    Como Luis Valerio aka La Soga
  • Sarah Jorge Leon

    Como Lia
  • Hada Vanessa

    Como Dani
  • Chris McGarry

    Como James McCann
  • Juan Fernandez

    Como General Colon

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